Anxiety Free Dentistry

Conquer Dental Anxiety With Laughing Gas in Lansdale

Relaxed patient is relieved from dental anxiety in North Penn.Are you afraid to see the dentist in Montgomeryville or the North Penn area? Have you made an appointment to visit the dentist and then cancelled, or just not shown up? Does the idea of going to the dentist fill you with dental anxiety?

If so, you are not alone. Millions of people have dental anxiety and many of them avoid necessary treatment. Because we care about you and your health, Dr. Kevin Bass and our team at Kevin Bass DMD Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Lansdale offers anxiety-free dentistry treatments.

Our Anxiety-Free Dentistry Treatments

We offer two types of dental sedation treatments to ease your dental anxiety and help you get the dental care you need.

ANTI-ANXIETY TABLET | An anti-anxiety tablet simply means our Lansdale doctors will prescribe a pill for you to take either before you come to your appointment or you will take it just as you arrive. This anti-anxiety tablet is safe, effective and can help you relax. The anti-anxiety tablet doesn’t make you sleep, though you may feel drowsy. You are awake and conscious, but the anti-anxiety tablet just takes the edge off so you may not be struggling with dental anxiety. Because the anti-anxiety tablet takes a while to wear off, you will need to have a ride to and from your visit at our office near Montgomeryville.

LAUGHING GAS | Laughing gas is a time-tested dental anxiety-free treatment. Laughing gas is an odorless gas that is mixed with oxygen and you inhale it through a tube inserted into your nose. Within a short period of time, the laughing gas may help you relax and feel little dental anxiety. Though you are awake, laughing gas leaves you feeling calm during your procedures. Because laughing gas acts quickly, it leaves your system quickly and you can drive home on your own.

Girl from Montgomeryville used laughing gas to cure her dental anxiety in Lansdale.There are several benefits to using laughing gas and relaxation dentistry at our location near North Penn.

  • Reduced anxiety: The best and most obvious benefit is that your dental anxiety can be reduced.
  • Less pain: When you are anxious, you tense up which can cause it to hurt more. When you are less tense, you may feel far less pain.
  • Saved time: As an added bonus, when you are relaxed we can often perform several restorative dentistry or general dentistry procedures at one visit. This saves you time.

Get the Dental Care You Need With Help From Sedation Dentistry

If you are afraid to see the dentist, please call our Lansdale dental practice serving the Montgomeryville and North Penn communities. Our caring, friendly, well-trained team and sympathetic dentists are here to help you get the dental health treatment you need, dental anxiety free.