10 Reasons To Choose A Pediatric Dentist Instead Of A General Dentist For Your Child

does my child need a pediatric dentist Lansdale

Little teeth are just like big teeth, right? Why do I need a different dentist for my youngster?

First off, emerging teeth aren’t just like adult teeth. And, yes, we recommend a special dentist for your child.

Why should I take my child to a pediatric dentist?

A pediatric dentist can better serve your child’s oral health needs.

Here are 10 reasons to take your child to a pediatric dentist.

1. A pediatric dentist has training in pediatric dental care in addition to training in general dentistry. The pediatric training takes from two to three extra years after graduating from dental school.

2. A pediatric dentist understands the unique features of developing teeth.

3. Because pediatric dentists have training in psychology, they are better able to calm kids who are scared.

4. A pediatric dentist can advise you on issues such as pacifier use, breastfeeding, and teething. Plus thumb-sucking, sealants, late-emerging teeth, and children’s sports mouthguards.

5. Many pediatric dentists are trained to serve children with special needs.

6. Pediatric dentists and hygienists use instruments that fit in your child’s mouth. They carefully explain what each is used for. They don’t rush treatment. This helps put your child at ease.

7. Pediatric dentists and hygienists are better able to help young children learn daily dental hygiene.

8. Pediatric dental practices designed to appeal to children. The decor, furniture, and kid-friendly amenities help children enjoy visiting the dentist. Many pediatric dentists reward children with prizes.

9. Pediatric dentists have training in dental sedation for young kids and teenagers

10. Pediatric dentists treat kids all day and stay calm and collected even when children act like, well, children. They love working with kids!

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