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Live Better With Dental Implants

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to more issues for denture wearers than they solve. If you live with loose dentures, you probably regard them as a necessary evil. Though they certainly look more appealing than a toothless mouth, in practical terms

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Missing Teeth? Dentures And Implants Restore Smiles

If you have had years of dental problems or are embarrassed by your teeth, our team at Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can help you find the restoration procedure right for you. You could be a candidate for

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Hate Your Dentures?

Perhaps you have heard or seen the Doylestown dental industry’s advertising about dental implants. Most Lansdale dentists claim that dental implant dentures can change your life. Does this sound like hype? Exaggeration? Let’s look at the facts about dental implant

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A Smile Like A Precious Gem

Would you like a sensational smile? Come in and ask us about dental implants or family dentistry. We can answer all of your questions. Considering restorative dentistry? Our staff can set you up with a consultation that’s sure to enlighten

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Amazing Dental Implants

The best permanent tooth replacement treatment available to Lansdale people who are missing teeth are revolutionary dental implants. A dental implant is a metal (usually titanium) rod implanted into the bone to replace the missing root. The crown and supporting

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Implants Make Life Better For Lansdale Denture Wearers

The condition of your teeth has a significant impact on your quality of life. Doylestown denture wearers understand this all too well. The path from healthy teeth to a toothless mouth is downhill. Tooth decay and gum disease are painful.

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Tooth Restoration: Dental Implants And Dental Bridges

When my Lansdale patients ask me about tooth restoration, I usually tell them about fixed (or ‘traditional’) dental bridges or tooth implants. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth which replaces a missing tooth. The false tooth (called a ‘pontic’)

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Are Dentures Inevitable?

Are you one of the fortunate Doylestown people with healthy teeth? Would you like to keep them healthy for the rest of your life? Some Lansdale residents believe that keeping their teeth healthy into the golden years is unlikely if

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Spotlight-Ready Smiles From Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry In Lansdale, Pennsylvania

A mouth full of unattractive teeth can really distract from a beautiful person’s appearance. Having a red-carpet-worthy smile can bring you increased satisfaction and confidence in your social interactions with your distinguished A-list friends. This smile, however, doesn’t have to

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The Health And Beauty Consequences Of Missing Teeth

Hello. We are Dr. Kevin Bass and Lawrence Black. Thanks for visiting our blog. Today’s post focuses on missing teeth and bone health. Our teeth have many important functions. We need them to chew our food, talk, and smile. But

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