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21st Century Tooth Replacement: Dentures in Lansdale

“The Good Old Days.” We’ve seen so many technological advances since the good old days! Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of people. But today, there are better

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Hiccups In Your Routine: Family Dentistry in Lansdale

The most common times people brush their teeth are morning and night – either before or after breakfast, after dinner, or at bedtime. But sometimes there are hiccups in the schedule, due to family life, shift work or exhaustion. There

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Protect Lansdale Kids’ Teeth With Custom Mouthguards

At Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we see many children and teens with serious mouth and tooth injuries that could have been prevented had they been wearing a mouthguard. A missing tooth makes activities such as eating and

Posted in Family Dentistry

Limit Sugar For Healthier Lansdale Kids

Every health-conscious parent knows that sugar is the number one cause of cavities for kids–plenty of us adults also snack on too many sweet snacks and beverages, too. Because of cavity risks, low nutritional value, and high calorie content, many

Posted in Family Dentistry

Does Your Teen Have Unique Dental Challenges?

When it comes to oral health, adolescence is a pivotal time for Lansdale youth. The last of the permanent teeth come in, providing young men and women with their “adult smile.” Good habits can be forged and reinforced. Teeth can be

Posted in Family Dentistry

Debunking Dental Myths

Today’s Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog post focuses on three dental-related myths prevalent in the Doylestown area. All Sugar Is Equally Bad For Teeth We all know that sugar increases our risk of tooth decay, but some

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Top Reasons To Visit Your Lansdale Dentist

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Your Local Lansdale Dentist: Check Up; it’s time, and this is the best way to avoid dental problems. Clean Up; our dental hygienist is ready to give you a super clean smile. Brush Up; if

Posted in Family Dentistry

Keeping Kids Smiling At Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Lansdale serves patients of all ages and provides general dentistry for children. Our calm and comfortable staff takes special care of our youngest patients to make sure they are comfortable and safe.

Posted in Family Dentistry

Foaming At The Mouth: Are You Brushing Right?

In today’s post, let’s examine some information about brushing. One key to activating the value of toothpastes is creating foam when properly brushing. Working up a good foam is brought about by pre-wetting the toothbrush, then attacking at a 45

Posted in Family Dentistry

Worried About Dental Visits In Lansdale, Pennsylvania?

“How can I deal with anxiety about visiting the dentist for the first time?” 1. Consider what the anxiety stems from. For example: pain, injections, loss of control, personal space invasion, embarrassment about fear of the unknown. 2. Discuss these

Posted in Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry, General Dentistry
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