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3 Point Checklist Before Your Dental Consultation

Looking for a dentist because you’re losing the battle with plaque build-up, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains, or dental caries? I’m Dr. Kevin Bass and Lawrence Black with Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Today’s post offers 3 steps to

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4 Reason To Look For The ADA Seal

When you go to your drugstore or supermarket looking for toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whitener, or another oral care product, be sure that the product you select carries the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance. Today in our dental blog,

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The ADA: Promoting Dental Health Since 1859

Thanks for visiting the Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry blog. We’re Drs. Kevin Bass and Lawrence Black. Along with our fantastic team, we have been providing premium dental care since 1989. Today’s message is about the American Dental

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Unexpected Stress? Don’t Forget Your Smile

When you suddenly have to juggle extra balls, some are bound to get dropped. Perhaps you are going through a divorce or became the caregiver for an ailing parent. Perhaps you took on a second job or started night school

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Be Wise About Your Wisdom Teeth, Doylestown

Hi, We’re Drs. Kevin Bass and Lawrence Black, and today in the Lansdale dental blog we will be discussing the often misunderstood subject of wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are sometimes called the third molars because they are even farther back

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Smart Brushing Trumps Aggressive Brushing

Most Lansdale residents brush their teeth (at least we hope so). However, there are many who brush improperly but don’t realize that their dental hygiene practices may be contributing to oral problems. They may pride themselves on their diligence, but

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3 Reliable Steps To Find The Best Lansdale, Pennsylvania Dentist

Looking for the best dentist in Lansdale? You can click around on the computer or watch for postcard ads in your mailbox. Even then, the outcome is shaky at best. Finding the best dentist in Lansdale truly hinges on what

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The Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Guide To Dental X-Rays

Don’t know a periapical from a bitewing? Today’s Lansdale dental blog takes a look at dental x-rays. Panoramic If you have ever stood in a huge camera apparatus and struggled to stay motionless while an automated camera made one slow

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What Is Oil Pulling?

Today’s Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry dental post looks at oil pulling; an alternative practice that has been generating a lot of buzz around Lansdale. Oil pulling has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of

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Tooth Tips For Traveling

If you live in the Doylestown area and are planning to take a vacation or business trip soon, I recommend you coordinate your dental care with your travel schedule. It’s always a good idea to have a checkup with your

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