Getting Rid of Dental Anxiety in Lansdale

dental anxiety in Lansdale

Dental anxiety in Lansdale can get so intense for some patients that they avoid the dentist at all costs. At Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, that concerns us, because we don’t want anyone putting their dental health at risk or skipping regular checkups and cleanings.

There are lots of reasons why someone might have dental anxiety in Lansdale or even dental phobia. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why we make a serious effort to help our patients be comfortable.

1. We help you with your dental anxiety in Lansdale. Fear of the dentist is far more prevalent than you might realize. The perceived loss of control, sharp instruments in your mouth, and teeth being worked on is not pleasant. Some people get claustrophobic because they need to lie still in the chair for treatment.

2. We protect you from pain. We provide anxiety-free dentistry. It includes laughing gas, better known as laughing gas. It may not make you laugh, but it will make you very relaxed. It’s been used in dentistry for over one hundred years.

3. We don’t judge you. Our understanding dental team is here to help you, regardless of the state of your teeth. We have treated patients with every imaginable dental issue. We understand and empathize with our patients.

4. We communicate with you. Procedures are thoroughly explained and all your questions are answered prior to the treatment. If you are not sure you want to initiate treatment, we are happy to let you think about it for a while. There is no rush.

If you have postponed dental treatment for any reason, we encourage you to give Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Lansdale a try. Neglecting your oral health has serious consequences. We also provide professional teeth whitening, and general and family dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling our office.

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