Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Lansdale dentist teeth whiteningBeing a dentist in Lansdale means treating a wide range of issues, including the damaging effects of teeth grinding. Most teeth grinding will occur while sleeping. One clue may be waking up in the morning with a sore jaw or a dull headache. And contrary to common belief, stress is not always the source. Grinding can also be related to an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth. Our team at Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offer up this guide to help you better understand teeth grinding in hopes of leading you on the path to anxiety-free dentistry.

Start With A Dentist Visit

Bruxism is a medical term used for grinding teeth and it can be diagnosed by a dentist through an oral examination. He or she will usually check for jaw tenderness and abnormalities in the teeth. During your visit you’ll probably want to discuss possibly getting fitted for a nightguard for teeth grinding.

Get Control

When tooth grinding occurs, the fear is that it will result in oral damage and pain. Here at Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry we support oral health in many ways. Some steps you can consider taking to help reduce symptoms, includes controlling your caffeine or alcohol intake, as these may increase tooth grinding. You should also avoid gum and stay away from pen or pencil chewing; it helps keep the jaw from clenching repeatedly. It’s also a great idea to make a conscious effort to allow the jaw to relax, which may mean sometimes just setting your tongue between your teeth.

Our team at Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry believes that every person deserves a good night’s sleep as well as a pain-free, morning free of headaches and jaw pain. We are a trustworthy dental practice that offers vital knowledge and the highest quality of care. If you need a dentist in Lansdale, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss teeth grinding, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, or restorative dentistry or any other dental concerns. We are committed to healthy, happy patients. Your needs are vital to us!

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