Meet Our Team

Oral Hygiene

Karin — Dental Hygienist

Karin has been a dental hygienist with us for over thirty-two years. Her medical training, extensive experience, and confidence provide stability and comfort to each dental appointment. There is hardly a dental question or concern that Karin can’t answer.

After so many years of loyalty and dedication to our office, Karin has reaped the reward of getting to see second and third generation patients from the same families, as they grow up.

Karin has four daughters, a dog, and a cat, and likes to keep both busy and active outside of work. She loves outdoor activities such as skiing, biking, and kayaking.

Beth — Dental Hygienist

Beth has been a dental hygienist with us for twenty-two years. She graduated from Montgomery County Community College. Since then, she’s been a model employee who always looks out for the good of the team and the individual needs of the patients.

Beth’s team at home includes two sons and one daughter who keep her life entertaining.

Stephanie P. — Dental Hygienist

Stephanie actually came to work for us while she was still in hygiene school. She worked as a front desk receptionist for two years, while finishing school, after which we took her on as a full-fledged dental hygienist. She’s been doing exceptional work for us ever since.

She completed her hygienist training at Montgomery County Community College. After that, she went to Drexel University to get her bachelor of science. Impressively, she did all this while wrangling quite a few little ones at home. Steph is the mother of six children, the youngest of whom is a brand new addition to their growing family.

Steph has always been active. She loves taking her family to the beach, swimming, and playing sports with them. Basketball, softball, and baseball are her favorites.

Natalie — Dental Hygienist

Natalie is one of our dental hygienists. She studied dental hygiene at Montgomery County Community College and graduated in 2015. Her friendly attitude turns dental cleanings and treatments into great experiences for each patient who comes through.

Natalie’s life has been quite the adventure lately, as she recently got married to her husband, Evan. She loves taking him on mini-adventures around town, as they try out all sorts of new places. She also enjoys working out, baking, and cooking.

Expanded Function Dental Assistants

Joyce — Dental Assistant

Joyce has been an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant for us for over twenty-four years, now. Her skills and experience have been invaluable to our office, as well as her sweet and sensitive personality. She’s great at both recognizing and empathizing with the needs of each patient.

There are two things she loves most about working as an EFDA: Getting the chance to watch how the dental industry has changed and grown since she graduated in 1985, and watching her longtime patients grow up to start families of their own.

Technology and medical research continue to expand the world of dentistry. In this job, you never stop learning, and Joyce is more than up to the challenge.

Sarah — Dental Assistant

Sarah brings her warm and friendly personality to our office. Not only that, but her training as an expanded function dental assistant makes her truly invaluable. She can do all of the duties of a dental assistant, and then some. She studied as an EFDA at Harcum College, from which she graduated in 2016.

She isn’t just handy in the dental office, either. At home, she enjoys DIY home improvement projects. She also loves to cook, shop, and spend time with her family, which includes her husband Sean, her son Ian, and two English Springer Spaniels, Daisy and Remington.

Though originally from upstate New York, she now lives in Perkasie with her family and loves it.

Administrative Staff

Sandy — Office Manager

Sandy has worked for us for over thirty years! Over that time, she’s worn many hats, but the one she’s currently wearing—and has worn the longest—is the position of office manager.

Sandy keeps us on our toes. A warm environment and quality care are her two priorities. With her around, things in the office stay organized and professional so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your care.

Sandy has two children and three grandchildren. When she’s not spending all the time she can with them, she enjoys reading, going on walks, shopping, and taking vacations in Florida.

Melissa — Financial Coordinator

Melissa is a hard worker, through and through. In over fifteen years as our financial coordinator, she’s proven that time and again, by her dedication to the job and determination to constantly improve.

Melissa applies that same dedication to her family. She’s been married to Dan for over thirteen years, now. Together they have two daughters: Danielle, who is eleven, and Paige, who is eight. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, especially through travel, but she also likes some good old-fashioned alone time with a book in hand.

Jessica — Appointment Coordinator

Our appointment coordinator, Jessica, really knows the meaning of teamwork. She doesn’t just keep our schedule organized, but helps all over the office wherever she is needed. For her, each patient’s care and wellbeing is the top priority, which makes our office truly welcoming and comfortable.

Jessica studied as a dental assistant at Delaware Valley Academy of Dental & Medical Assisting. She currently lives in North Wales, Pa, with her family: her husband, one nine-year-old daughter, and one two-year-old black lab.

She loves spending time outside, especially with her family. She also likes to cook and shop.

Stephanie C. — Front Desk Receptionist

Stephanie has been one of our receptionists for years. Her degree in business management has come in very handy as she keeps our schedules running smoothly, and helps to guide each patient through their dental experience.

Stephanie is married and has three kids, who all love car racing. She enjoys spending time together and watching them race each other.

Laura — Front Desk Receptionist

Laura graduated from Lansdale School of Business with a degree in computer applications management. This experience makes her a great receptionist for us. She’s been making our office a better and more organized place for over four years.

Laura leads a rich life outside of the dental office. She loves being outdoors, especially on the beach or in the mountains. If she’s there with family and friends, it counts as a perfect day. She also loves traveling, being involved with her church, and watching sports with her dad.

Katie — Front Desk Receptionist

Katie’s smiling face will greet you at the door. From the moment you step into our front office, she’ll make you feel like you’re part of our family. Dental appointments that start and end with Katie will always be positive ones.

Katie graduated in 2009 from Lansdale School of Business as a certified medical administrator. Her years of experience are a great help to any patient who needs to navigate a dental visit.

Family is also very important to Katie. She is married to her husband, Bill. Together they have two kids, Claire and Shaun.

Monica — Sterilization Assistant

Monica works as our sterilization assistant. Along with monitoring our supplies, she keeps our whole office ship-shape and pristine. Our practice is a comfortable, pleasant environment—both because she keeps it clean and running right, and because she’s in it.

Outside of the world of dentistry, Monica spends time with her husband and two awesome sons. She also likes to take time out to bake tasty treats and work on her garden.