Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treat Sleep Disorders With Your North Penn Dentist

Snoring may be a sign of sleep apnea or other sleep disorders that can be treated by the Lansdale dentists at Black & Bass Cosmetic and Family Dentistry near Montgomeryville, PA.When you wake up in the morning, do you still feel remarkably tired, even though you went to bed on time? Do you find yourself very sleepy during the day and maybe even having a hard time staying awake? Are you more irritable than usual or feel fuzzy and have a hard time focusing? Is your sleep partner complaining that your snoring is a problem?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may have one of the most common sleep disorders called sleep apnea. Our family dentistry office serving the Lansdale, Montgomeryville, North Penn, and surrounding areas can help!

What Is Sleep Apnea?

One of the most common sleep disorders, sleep apnea actually means you stop (apnea) breathing. Though this sounds like you would be aware of this, the sleep apnea is only for a few seconds at a time. This may not sound like a big deal for our patients in Lansdale, but it actually is.

Every time you stop breathing or sleeping, though you may not wake up, you are pulled out of deep sleep. A certain amount of deep sleep is required to help you stay focused and feeling healthy. Sleep disorders are particularly dangerous because they prevent you from getting that deep sleep your body needs.

Sleep apnea symptoms can include mental issues, such as fuzziness and irritability, feeling sleepy, and snoring.

Like all sleep disorders, getting treatment for sleep apnea and snoring is essential for your overall and dental health—and perhaps that of your sleep partner, too! Most people in Montgomeryville or North Penn can use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, but those don’t work for everyone. Our Lansdale dentist offers a different and sometimes far more effective treatment. We offer a nightguard to treat this most serious of sleep disorders among our patients from Lansdale, Montgomeryville, and North Penn.

Why Is a Nightguard a Good Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

  • A nightguard fits into your mouth and adjusts your jaw so your airflow is better. This keeps you from snoring but also keeps you sleeping without any apnea.
  • Nightguards are great for anyone with sleep disorders because they are compact and easy to take if you are traveling. CPAP machines can be bulky and breakable, which makes them hard to take if you are going anywhere.
  • Nightguards are a better choice for sleep apnea and snoring if you are going anywhere that doesn’t have electricity, like camping. Though you can get a generator to run a CPAP, that is another expense and another thing to have to bring along.

Get Your Sleep Apnea Under Control in Lansdale

Suffering from sleep disorders is rather serious and we take it seriously. We want you to get good, productive sleep without snoring or other problems. Call our Lansdale office today and we can tell you more about our sleep disorders treatments offered to the Montgomeryville, North Penn, and surrounding areas.